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Stuart Sutton

Founder and Director of Sutton Education 

Embarking on a journey of educational excellence, Stuart achieved a 99.80 ATAR and earned the distinction of being the Dux of his school in 2017. This drive for academic accomplishment continued as he pursued a Mathematics and Statistics degree at the University of Melbourne and graduated with First Class Honours (High Distinction). With his exceptional academic track record, Stuart serves as an inspiring role model, poised to guide and empower students toward their own achievements.

Stuart has taken the helm of this dynamic tutoring venture with a passion for education and a commitment to nurturing academic excellence. He founded Sutton Education on the philosophy that a tutor must teach a student how to learn and be independent. He strongly believes that a good tutor will work themselves out of a job.

Having taught most STEM and commerce-related subjects (mathematics, science, computer science, accounting, finance, economics) to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students for over 5 years, Stuart has accumulated over 3000 hours of teaching experience. Witnessing students' "Aha I get it now!" moments and helping them overcome academic challenges have been the most rewarding for him.

As the Director, he is deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in our tutoring services. Sutton Education provides not just academic support, but also mentorship, guidance, and a personalized approach tailored to each student's unique learning style and goals.

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