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We are a group of experienced and dedicated individuals offering private and group tutoring in a variety of areas including mathematics, statistics, data analytics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, literature, Mandarin, and others.

All tutors have Working With Children Checks. We offer in-person and online services.

This company was founded on the philosophy that a tutor must teach a student how to learn and be independent. A good tutor will work themselves out of a job.

What sets us apart? We look after our students needs both within sessions and between them. That is why parents and students will always have access to on call help (general and academic) outside of sessions, as well as access to our library of resources. Unlike other tutoring agencies, we have an elaborate feedback and communication system that ensures that the student, tutor, parents, and Sutton Education are all on the same page about the progress and needs of the student.

Disclaimer: All tutors are contractors with their own Australian Business Numbers. 

Please enquire for a quote and free trial!

Meet Us: About
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Stuart’s teaching philosophy is simple, teach a student how to learn and how to be self-sufficient. That way they can be independent and go on to teach others. A good tutor will work themselves out of a job! This is the core philosophy of Sutton Education and is instilled in all the tutors.

Stuart has been tutoring for five years and has over 3000 hours of tutoring experience. Over the course of his tutoring journey, he has predominantly taught maths, science, and finance. This experience allows him to understand the position of the student and how best to help them.

During high school, he achieved a 99.80 ATAR and was the Dux. He currently holds a First Class Honours Maths degree from Melbourne Uni, so he understands what is needed to excel academically. Which makes him perfect to guide students’ through their journey.

Stuart also does statistical consulting/ data analytics for graduate students and industry professionals. He is proficient in Excel, R and Python. 

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Michael has been teaching for more than 40 years.  He holds a PhD in mathematics from an Ivy League college, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  Michael currently teaches at the University of Melbourne and has been a professor at other universities.

Michael’s tutoring specialties are English, maths, accounting, and business.  He has worked with students from year 4 to postgraduate, as well as with adult learners.  He is also a volunteer tutor for AMES Australia.

Michael’s teaching approach is aimed at developing students’ ability to explore and work independently, and above all at having a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

In his spare time, Michael trains pet dogs and Seeing Eye Dog puppies, goes to the gym, cooks, and studies Italian.

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Victor has been a lecturer/researcher in Physics and Mathematics for more than 20 years, he currently works at Monash University. He has a Ph.D. in Physics and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics.

Victor can provide tutoring in Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics. He possesses ample experience teaching and helping his students to excel. He has written teaching material and knows very well how to adapt any explanation to the students' needs.

Victor enjoys cooking and reading. He is a polyglot. He can help you improve your Spanish or prepare yourself for any assessment or exam.

Victor specializes in data analysis and statistical learning. He is proficient in Excel, R, SPSS, Stata, and Python.

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Robin has been a professional teacher in Maths and Physics for over 30 years and a private tutor for 15 years. Rest assured, you will be in safe and experienced hands. He has a Master’s of Science and Graduate Diploma of Education from Monash University.

He has worked at many prestigious schools in Melbourne, these include St John’s College (where he as the Head of Physics), Yarra valley Grammar, Eltham High, Pembroke SC, Box Hill Institute, Toorak College, Mac Robertson Girl’s School and more! His students have achieved perfect scores in VCE, gold medals in international maths competitions.

He tutors maths, science, GAMSAT and selective entry exams to high school students and tertiary. Robin also provides exclusive learning materials that only professional teachers possess.

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Mick has been a high school teacher and personal tutor for over 20 years. He is passionate, knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of what students need. He has a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Maths and Physics from the Queensland University of Technology and is about to finish a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours).

Mick has experience teaching various STEM subjects; he has worked at schools in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Regional Queensland. He has experience tutoring both secondary and tertiary students, both in their homes and online.

In his spare time, Mick enjoys woodworking, fishing, and spending time with his family.

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Stephanie is a dedicated, action-oriented professional teacher with over 13 years’ experience in the education sector. She graduated from Monash University with a double degree in Arts and Education. She also has an Advanced Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate from Australasian Training Academy. 

Stephanie has taught English as an Additional Language (EAL) to students of different cultural backgrounds and age groups in classrooms, online, as well as through private one-on-one tutoring sessions. She possesses instructional skills, patience and sensitivity to cultural differences and is adaptable to students' diverse learning styles. In addition, Stephanie has the skills to make learning engaging and fun. She believes having fun while learning helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable.

Stephanie is passionate about teaching. She has volunteered as a tutor with AMES and taught EAL to newly-arrived adult migrants and refugees to Australia. Above all else, Stephanie believes that learning is a lifelong journey. It does not end on graduation day.

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Inneke has a Master’s of Teaching (Secondary) from Deakin University. She also has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Theatre, Film, Dance and English from the University of New South Wales and a Master of Arts in Production Design from The Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). 


Inneke has worked for over 15 years as a professional art director in the film and television industry. It is her passion for the arts, multimedia and storytelling that has led her to pursue a career in education. As a tutor she enjoys supporting and facilitating learning to enhance each student’s creative and critical thinking skills. She is passionate about English and Media Arts, and aims to foster the development of literacy and communication skills, to support each of her student’s personal and academic potential.

Inneke loves being outdoors, cooking and enjoys watching a good movie with friends. 

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Vincent has over three years of VCE tutoring experience. He has a fascination for exploring new ideas and wants to inspire his students to do the same. Vincent has a Bachelor and Masters of Chemistry, and a Diploma in Applied Mathematics from the University of Melbourne where he graduated with First Class Honours and was a Chancellor's Scholar. Currently, he is working as a laboratory demonstrator at Melbourne University. Next year he plans to start his PhD in Chemistry. 

When he completed his VCE with a 99.90 ATAR and he scored raw 50s in Specialist Maths and Chemistry and high 40s in his other subjects. He is more than capable of tutoring tertiary level chemistry and mathematics.  

He is an avid player of the piano (classical and jazz) and the French horn (above Grade 8 level in both), and is able to give lessons in either of the two, as well as in music theory.

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Kyle has completed a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering with Honours and a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours with a focus on Chemistry research at Monash University. His honours project investigated the photophysics of molecules at the single molecule level utilising nanoscale spectroscopy.

Kyle has extensive experience working with years 7 to 12 on STEM related projects for the last six years and specialises in tutoring high school chemistry and maths.

Kyle’s tutoring approach involves identifying his student’s weaknesses so that lessons can be structured to effectively meet their needs.

In his spare time Kyle plays trumpet and French horn in a concert band and also plays chess and Magic: the Gathering. He is the 2019 Magic: the Gathering Australian Grand Prix Champion and president of his local chess club. Kyle is also a registered FIDE chess arbiter and able to tutor chess.

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Henny is a pre-service teacher currently in her last year of a Masters in Secondary Teaching. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and a Masters of Public Health from Western Sydney University.

Henny can provide tutoring in General and Extension Science, Chemistry and Biology. She has been tutoring at the South Pacific Education Centre, so she has the experience and knowledge to provide her students with what they need.

She can even help university students to help them prepare for their exams and is effective in giving feedback after the assessments which helps the students to set their goal and accomplish it by achieving the desired results.

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Maggie graduated as the co-dux of the foundational studies at Melbourne University and started doing the Bachelor of Commerce under a scholarship.

Maggie enjoys studying and as an international student, she understands what it feels like to be studying in another language and experiencing lots of confusion while studying. That is what gives her the aspiration and willingness to tutor others. Her teaching philosophy is to listen to a student and encourage them to listen to themselves, which leads to better communication and understanding of both the subject matter and people. Coming from an educational background in China, with almost never ending exams and pressure, she knows all about how to cope with exam pressure and still able to perform when the stakes and expectations are high.

Maggie has been tutoring for two years. She worked as an academic advisor at Trinity College and has tutored Maths and Economics.

Maggie has worked in a wide range of industries including tax accounting, hospitality, Christian ministry and education. She is currently looking into doing a Master of Teaching and exploring a career in education.

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David completed his Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Bachelor of Computer Sceince in North America and came to Australia in 2016 for the warmer weather. He has been tutoring Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science for three years. He is patient with his students and tries to give good examples on the topics that will help them to understand the material better.

David is also working as a researcher in the field of Biomedical Engineering. In his spare time he enjoys push biking, Chess, and solving big Rubik’s cubes of larger and larger sizes (currently he uses 7x7x7 and 10x10x10 cubes) and is happy to tutor students on how to solve them.

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Hunter has completed a Bachelor of Economics and Japanese Language Studies with Cum Laude (Distinction) in the United States. He is currently studying quantitative finance at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and enjoys math and programming. He is proficient with Python, R, C++, SQL and often programs in his free time as related to data science and visualization. In other words, he likes to program pretty graphs. Otherwise, he enjoys learning Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Hunter has over 8 years experience in tutoring across several countries including the United States, Japan, China, and Australia. While in Japan, Hunter worker at Meiji University as an English conversation tutor for both children and adults. Throughout university, he tutored other students across all subjects from calculus to writing.

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Roland has recently completed a Bachelor of Politics and Public Policy with a minor in History and a Bachelor of Research (Honours). He is currently engaged in his final semester of a Master of Public Policy through RMIT University. In addition to an extensive knowledge of Australian politics, English textual analysis, current affairs, and governance he has considerable experience in the study of Australian and global history.
For over six years Roland has provided tutoring for secondary students and has a particular focus on assisting students with their VCE assessment items and examinations. He has extensive experience assisting students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and can provide excellent guidance on essay writing and exam preparation across a range of subjects.
Roland has a strong focus on providing students with the skills they need to research and write high quality assessment pieces and exceeding expectations in their final years of school studies. He aims to deliver classes that are engaging and challenging and that are tailored to each students’ individual needs, abilities, and educational goals.

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Atharv has a Bachelor of Commerce (in Finance) from the University of Melbourne. For the past two years he has volunteered as a tutor in refugee communities and worked for other tutoring agencies. He is passionate about making sure that no child is left behind. He cofounded social enterprise brand raising awareness for COVID-19. His specialties are finance, economics, business, accounting, maths and English. He also does IB (International Baccalaureate) support and mentoring. Soon he will be starting an algorithmic trading course, as this is what he hopes to do in the future.

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Sophie has a Bachelor of Science (in Data Science) and is currently studying a Masters of IT (in Artificial Intelligence), all at the University of Melbourne. She passionately provides tutoring in anything computer related, particularly in Python, R, Java, C and analytics. Sophie is patient and understanding of students’ needs, so you can feel at ease when with her. As a native Mandarin speaker, she can provide language training and can run session in Mandarin if needed. Also, she has completed the 8th grade piano exam by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, so can give lessons in piano to beginners and intermediates. She finished high school in New Zealand and has a notional ATAR of 99.15.

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Angela studied a Bachelor of Science and majored in human physiology. She found biology particularly interesting in high school and scored a 7 in HL Biology in IB. She is passionate about sharing this knowledge to students in a concise and clear manner. Currently Angela works as a oral surgery assistant in New Zealand.

Angela also enjoys visual arts and photography in her spare time and achieved first class honours in the fine arts courses she took as breadth at the University of Melbourne.

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Katja is an enthusiastic and dedicated tutor, and is currently a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International Relations at the Australian National University. Katja completed VCE with an ATAR of 99.7, and was awarded the Tuckwell Scholarship to study at the ANU.

Katja specialises in tutoring high school maths and English, history and psychology. Having worked with students from years 7 to 12, Katja is a passionate and relatable tutor who has a deep understanding of the VCE system.

Katja’s tutoring approach involves identifying her student’s learning style so that lessons can be structured according to their needs. As a tutor, she encourages and facilitates the development of her student’s creative and critical thinking so that they may realise their personal and academic potential.

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Eli is passionate about helping people learn and understand mathematics.

He loves helping people achieve their best and finds great satisfaction in doing so. Eli has had almost 2 and a half years of tutoring experience, with his specialty in Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics, he’s had work ranging from private tutoring to teaching assistant and a tutor for disadvantaged kids, aiming to help improve confidence and self-sufficiency in the subject.

Eli’s favourite part of working with his students is getting that breakthrough moment where something they’ve been struggling with finally clicks, he finds it incredibly fulfilling.

Eli prides himself on being able to bring a down to earth approach to problems working from the ground up to ensure his students fully understand the thought processes behind what they are doing rather than just replicating a method.

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Felix is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, focusing on Linguistics and Archaeology, with plans for a Masters of Education. They have been tutoring a variety of subjects, including Mathematics, English Language and Classical Studies for the last 2 years. Felix has experience in working with high school students who have missed foundational skills, as well as working with students with disabilities, learning difficulties and other considerations. 

Felix has experience with struggles during VCE, and despite multiple disabilities and medical struggles, they achieved an 81.55 ATAR on 4 subjects. Felix is passionate about making education accessible to everyone and is dedicated to helping all students achieve their goals. They are also an advocate and mentor for disabled and LGBT+ students. 

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Maxwell is completing the Bachelors/ Masters pathway in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne, where he is on track to finish with First Class Honours. He has extensive experience running workshops, engaging with students and unpaid tutoring. His strategy is to learn through understanding (by examples and worked problems) and getting to know a student to allow him to tailor individual lessons. The subjects he is passionate about are mathematics, physics, and programming (Java, C and Matlab). As someone who has switched degrees, he is well equipped to provide guidance through higher education. Between his degrees he travelled all over the world for 18 months and worked abroad. He finished school in Queensland with a notional ATAR of 99.40.

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Ryan is currently studying Maths and Physics at Monash University, he finished school with an ATAR of 97.50. He certainly has a passion for learning, which rubs off onto his students. Success breeds success! Ryan is particularly passionate about offering mentoring, such as goal setting (and achieving!), time management, study skills and exam strategies. He has been tutoring maths and sciences to all ages since last year.

Ryan is a musician who plays the flute, piano and guitar. In his spare time, he edits videos and plays board games.

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Louis is a passionate teacher and learner, currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne. Graduating in 2020 with an ATAR of 97.15, he understands the struggles online learning can present and has a thorough understanding of the VCE system. He tutors English, literature, as well as other subjects up to a VCE level.

Louis is a big believer in discussion-based learning, and is also keen to give exam practise and preparation tips. In his spare time, Louis enjoys fitness and music, an avid guitar player.

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William has earned a 97.00 ATAR, with study scores of 48 in English, 44 in Philosophy, and 43 in Literature. He has been admitted to Brown University in the United States, where he will be studying English in the future. 

William tutors English with a passion for dissecting texts, and identifying its meaning, through open and free discussion. It is this open and engaging approach to studying which he believes sparked his own enjoyment and success, both in English, Literature, and Philosophy.

William is a competitive rower and enjoys reading in his spare time.

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